Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to the Starpawz blog and our first post.

In this Blog we will keep you up to date with all things pooch related and whats been going on in our parlour, meet some of our guests and give you advise on health for dogs and things you can do at home to keep your pooches in top condition and hopefully away from the dreaded vet. At Starpawz we are totally dedicated to the health and happiness of your furry friend and never want the grooming process to be a stressful experience for your dog. With this in mind, we only ever have one dog in at a time, unless you as the owner have more than one and then we welcome them all in and have very comfortable beds where they can wait until their friends have been done and it’s their turn. No dog is ever caged, or tethered to anything, in fact we don’t even own a cage and while either waiting to be groomed or after, they are free to roam round the parlour and outside area, which is fully fenced in and with a locked gate. If for some reason you pooch is becoming too stressed with the grooming process, then we simply stop and invite you to come back in a couple of days and continue until we have succeeded in finishing the groom. We don’t charge extra for this and you will only ever pay for the one groom. We would rather do this and get you pooch happy and relaxed with being groomed than risk over stressing them and causing them to become reactive.

Starpawz was started as a specialist in Large bread dogs and whilst we still have our large friends come in , we also have all sizes, from Great Danes to chihuahuas and everything in between and offer services from a simple nail clip, right through to a full groom. The only thing we don’t do is the Anal glands, as we strongly believe that this should only ever be carried out by a qualified vet .

Stay tuned for more blog updates and some photos and instructional videos

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